Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin & ISM Klaus Trogemann   I n v i t a t i o n

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all members of TSD to our annual International German Championship. The chosen venue is Neufahrn in the north of Munich, Germany. Munich is world known for its beautiful scenery as well as its historic sites, and there are many places to visit and much to enjoy, among especially the beer-gardens and famous Hofbräuhaus. We are looking forward to welcome you here and giving you an enjoyable time!


International Senior Master Klaus Trogemann
President of German TSD Assoc.

Championship Host and Enquiries to:

DTSDV Germany
C/O Master Klaus Trogemann
Palsweiserstr. 5-i
82140 Olching / Germany
Tel.: +49 8142 - 13773
Fax: +49 8142 - 179972


Championship and Clinics Hqs. Hotel
Hotel-Gasthof Maisberger
Bahnhofstraße 54
85735 Neufahrn / Munich - Tel.: +49 8165 - 9990-0

Booking payment for Ki Gong, Master, Dan Clinic and championship via DTSDV only. For boarding you have to make reservation personally at Maisberger.
See entry forms and bank codes at the website.

Schedule of championship events:

– Opening Ceremonies

– Creativity - Tiny Tigers

– All Black-Belt Divisions

– All Gup Divisions

– Presentation of Championship Cup Winners

– Closing Ceremonies


Single bedrooms 79,- €
Double bedrooms 109,- €
Tripple bedrooms 139,- €
Prices are per night including breakfast per room.

For booking mention as reservation code DTSDV

Deadline of booking will be the beginning of April 2019.

When?  Saturday, 22nd June 2019

Where?  Sports Complex Käthe-Winkelmann-Halle
Käthe-Winkelmann-Platz 4, 85375 Neufahrn bei Freising, Germany

For competitors is also the possibility to stay over-night with sleeping bags in the gym including breakfast for 25.- € / per night! Reservation deadline is 20thMay 2019!


All competitors must be currently registered for 2019. All registration for championship must be done via internet! Hotel booking on your own and payment via your bank account. by the deadline date. No registration will be accepted through fax, email or at the door. All ages and rank from 10th Gup White Belt to 3rd Dan Black Belt are eligible.

Forms allowed, Championship Rules and Regulations:

Forms allowed for both weapons Hyungs and empty-hand Hyungs will be those published as in the WTSDA Championship Rule Book and rules and regulations as published therein will apply to the competition. Check with your instructor.


Orange and Green belts will be allowed to compete with Bong Hyung Il Bu in this championship.
There will be also a male and female breaking division for Dan members only.

Protective equipment:

Mouth piece, groin cup (male), hand, foot and head gear are mandatory.
If one of these requested protective gear items is missing, absolutely no free-sparring!

Contest categories:

– Creativity Category
– Tiny Tigers Category
– Weapon Hyung Category
– Dae Ryun Category
– Hyung Category
– Black-Belt Breaking Division

Pre-Registration Entry Fees:

30,- € until 28th February 2019
35,- € until 31st March 2019
40,- € until 30th April 2019

1. Pre-Registration via the registration system ReMa at the DTSDV Website is mandatory!

2. Besides every chief-instructor must fill out completely a Competitor List and e-mail it back with studio name to !
All entry fees are in Euro '€' only to your registration account, have a look at ReMa.

3. Only those applications received until 28th February 2019 will be accepted at the fee of 30,- €
Only those applications received until 31st March 2019 will be accepted at the fee of 35,- €
Only those applications received until 30th April 2019 will be accepted at the fee of 40,- €
Absolutely no entries will be accepted from color or black belts after 30th April 2019!

4. Upon receipt of your championship application your studio will receive a list of your entry. This is your entry onto the competition floor for all of the events of the day.

5. Fees are not refundable, under no circumstances.

Note for Spectators:

Beverage and food is absolutely not allowed on the auditorium and on the competition area! In the entrance area there is a catering service with seating and eating opportunity.

Expanding or merging a Division:

The Championship Committee reserves the right to expand or merge a division.

Good luck to all participants!